moose hunts

Grosso Outfitting has a limited number of moose hunts available each year. The outfit has a long history of providing moose hunters with a quality hunt and good hunting opportunities for the Canadian moose. Grosso Outfitting offers a ten-day moose hunt.

The "Canadian" Moose found in the hunting area. These moose are among the second largest of the species. The area hunted is comprised of prime habitat and the bulls grow large antlers. Any bull moose is legal. Grosso Outfitting has taken moose a big as 66 inches with the average being 45 inches.

Horses are used on all hunts, but if you expect to get a trophy you must be in good condition. Hunting during the rut is extremely exciting as we can call the bulls in close. Calling, stalking and still hunting are methods used for hunting. Length of shots average about 100 yards but some situations can require a 250-300 yard shot. The guides are masters at moose hunting and have been known to call in some big moose.

Hunters can expect to hunt moose during the mornings and evenings only. Hunters must be in good shape and be able to walk 1-2 miles a day. Every hunter has his or her own personal guide. Timber wolf is included on this hunt at no extra charge.

archery moose hunts
During a hunt, moose may be called into a very close range. This is especially true when the moose are in rut. This hunt gives an archery hunter an excellent opportunity to harvest a good bull moose at ranges of less than 50 yards. Personal guides are provided to every hunter.

Timber wolf is included on moose hunts at no extra charge. Please refer to our rate page for prices and for a 'what to bring list.'.




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