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Grosso Outfitting specialized in Canadian Rocky Mountain trail ride and wilderness hunts. This outfit is insured and bonded. The business runs as a full-time business and has a 40-year history of operation. Guests are hosted in tent camps. Sleeping tents are supplied with wood stoves, beds and foam mattresses. Grosso Outfitting supplies good camp food and everything but personal items.

Baldy Mountain Trail Rides
The best way to experience Canada's Rocky Mountains in Alberta is by horseback. Take a western style day with a Canadian Cowboy Outfitter in Nordegg Alberta. Book a daily trail ride and explore the mountainous country by horseback. Trips offer a wilderness experience you'll never forget. Whether you ride for an hour .... or all day long adventure the cowboy way. Discover the spirit of the west and experience clean lakes, rivers and streams. Wildlife galore..... elk, moose, deer, bear, trout, eagles and hawks.

Grosso Outfitting Hunts
Grosso Outfitting uses horses to access their hunting camps. Horses make it much easier to get into the high country to hunt for sheep or into remote areas for moose, elk, deer, wolves or bear. A typical hunting day is spent glassing slopes and basins for game. At the appropriate time, a stalk is planned and executed. Trophies and meat are packed back to camp by packhorse. The rugged back country of Alberta provides the perfect conditions to allow game to reach maturity resulting in large trophies.

Grosso Outfitting hunts the area along the Wapiabi River, Smith Creek, Vimy Creek and Grave Creek. This area is known as Wild Management Unit S434 and is in Big Game Zone 4. The area is productive, but is rugged and rough.

Grosso Outfitting supplies a Class A Guide for each hunter. These on-on-one guided hunts are the best to be had. Grosso Outfitting has a solid track record and there is a good success rate on the animals harvested. This can be verified though the many satisfied hunters, whose names will be provided upon request.

Grosso Outfitting
Clayton and Gene Jr. Grosso
RR4 Site 143 Box 7
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 2A4
Tel:  403.845.6840
Fax: 403.845.6840
Cell: 403.844.6481
Summer Tel: 403.721.2030

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left whitetail taken with a rifle & right whitetail taken with a bow.

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